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Australia:"No lifting of ban on nicotine under my mandate"

Le 28 December 2017, 08:26 dans Bonnes adresses 0


The Australian Minister of Health does not seem to want to change his mind about the interest of the steamer, at a time when Clive Bates comes to present the chance that this device represents for smokers.

Inconsistent regulation

It is astounding to see that Australians are being forced to break the law if they want to try to quit smoking with the steamers,"he said.

"Why punish these people while millions of British and American men and women have managed to wean themselves with this device that doesn't hurt anyone?" he wonders.

Australian regulations are inconsistent: the purchase of vaporizers is permitted, but it remains prohibited to sell, possess or use vape kits containing nicotine because it is considered a poison in that country.

A socially unacceptable alternative

According to the Australian Medical Association, these products are not "socially acceptable alternatives" to smoking because "nicotine is extremely addictive. The same is true of the Public Health Association of Australia, which believes that smoking would be normalized if the ban were lifted.

According to Clive Bates, if most Australian smokers switch to electronic cigarettes in the next 10 years, more than 500,000 deaths would be prevented. The consultant will meet with politicians and public health stakeholders in Australia to discuss these issues.

The Standing Committee on Health, Seniors and Sport is currently studying the role of electronic cigarettes in smoking cessation. Is the situation likely to get better?

We can remain pessimistic when we discover the words of Greg Hunt, Minister of Health. He will never lift the ban on electronic cigarettes while he is in office,"he said.

He recently met with the director of the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) who told him that there was no solid evidence that vaporizers are a solution to quitting smoking.

Vaping and work don't mix well

Le 12 December 2017, 12:34 dans Bonnes adresses 0

It's not big news... We already knew that vaping and work don't mix well, or at least don't mix anymore! As of October 2017, the ban on vapouring in certain workplaces will be active. If my vaporizers were already informed, they will now be subject to a breach of this obligation. It is the Echoes that remind us of the implementation date of the decree, October 1st.


Vapotage and work: electronic cigarettes excluded from collective workplaces

For 10 years now, smoking cigarettes has been banned in enclosed workplaces. There was not yet a law sanctioning the use of electronic cigarettes for covered and closed collective workplaces... a gap filled since as of October 1st, vaporization and work will no longer be possible. In the same way that paper cigarettes are prohibited in closed and covered workplaces for collective use (meeting rooms, open spaces, etc.), electronic cigarettes will also be prohibited. Except for workplaces that are open to the public such as bars, restaurants and hotels.

Vapotting at work: vaporizing is allowed in individual offices

On the other hand, the vape pen starter kit will be allowed to vape in individual offices, unless the employer decides to prohibit vaping in the internal regulations. The ban will then come from the company itself. This prohibition should, however, like the ban on vapouring in closed workplaces and collective shelters, be the subject of information. The employer must affix signs reminiscent of prohibition, failing which a fine of up to 450 euros will be imposed. Employees who do not comply with the law will face a fine of up to 150 euros.

The measure had already been validated at the beginning of the year, this is only a reminder of the date on which the legislation began to apply.

Is electronic cigarettes harmful to health?

Le 20 November 2017, 03:32 dans Bonnes adresses 0

With the development of the e cigarette market, also called vape, we have been witnessing a veritable circus for the last 4 years on studies concerning its impact on health. It's a roller coaster ride, one day it's a great product to quit smoking, the next day it's even more carcinogenic than cigarettes...

Everyone gets lost and you don't know what to think.

These various studies are constantly called into question and denounced, there is nothing serious in them and we always find it difficult to say.

The "dependent" studies on the e cigarette are highly criticized because you never really know what the protocol is. Very often the same principle: we test a vape of which we know absolutely nothing at different voltages and we look at the presence of gases harmful to health in the emitted steam.  Below a certain voltage it works, there is no bad emission but as soon as you pass a certain threshold it becomes worse than the cigarette, even more carcinogenic.

The problem is that this type of protocol makes no sense. It makes no sense to talk only about voltage with the vape. The heating of the resistor does not depend solely on the voltage of the battery, but on a combination of the voltage, the resistance value, the type of resistor and the material.

Some resistors can withstand higher voltages than others, and above all the same heating temperature can be achieved by using 2 different resistors with 2 different voltages.

A study on a particular cigarette makes no sense, because all models are different and the effects are sometimes not the same with the same protocol.

Moreover, it can be sponsored by manufacturers who want to put their brand forward or discredited by competing industries... they are simply not "objective" studies.

In short, studying the harmful potential of an e cigarette is very complicated because of the different models for testing and it makes no sense to do a study based on a single model.

Is electronic cigarettes harmful to health?

To answer this question simply, we propose here a simple method which we believe will be difficult to question.  

The trick would be to simply not use vapes for testing. It is enough to look for the presence of harmful gases in the steam of liquid e heated at different temperatures without using an electronic cigarette.

Quite simply.

If we don't use cigarettes to do the tests everything becomes easier: no dispute about the choice of equipment, no dispute about possible conflicts of interest, much simpler protocol, results are very simple to verify.

It is therefore sufficient to heat an electronic cigarette fluid at different temperatures using any heating method and to see if the vapour emitted contains harmful substances. And especially at what temperature it becomes dangerous.

You don't have to use an electronic cigarette to do this, you just heat up some liquid and the problem is solved.

We will already know if a liquid is harmful at low temperature, then if it is not as we think it is, it will give us the threshold at which it becomes potentially dangerous.

It will then suffice to limit the heating power of electronic cigarettes to this threshold...

With the advent of temperature control on electronic cigarettes, this should not be a problem.

We will know that the liquid becomes harmful if heated above X degrees, and we will simply have to make sure that the liquid does not heat above X degrees.

Once you have this threshold, everything will be much clearer.

It will then be necessary to know if a particular model of vape could not emit, by heating too much, a harmful gas different from that coming from the liquid e, a gas which would not be linked to the evaporation of the liquid e. But it is also very easy to check because the emission of a noxious gas unrelated to the liquid is instantly identifiable by the vaporizer. This is what we call a dry hit, as if the resistance would heat up without liquid, it's very bad to taste, it makes you cough... and we don't use it because we feel that it is very harmful.

So here is simply a proposal for a protocol to carry out a simple study that seems to us to be effective on the impact of the e cigarette: verifying the harmfulness of liquid vapour without using an e cigarette.

How do you feel about that? Is that completely stupid? 

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